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CRM 2011 has very powerful Advance Find feature which let user do all sorts of Search. Apart from this CRM 2011 also has Quick Search feature which is basically keyword based search on any specific entity from Entity View. However one of the long time ask from may users is to have Global Keyword search, which will let user do keyword search and CRM 2011 should return matching records from ALL the entities in CRM 2011. Hopefully we will soon get this feature as a OOB feature.

Meanwhile I have developed this Silverlight based WebResource which does something similar to Global Keyword Search. It allows user to type in search keyword and it goes and search the keyword in all Pre-Configured entities and shows the record  results on Single page. It is fully configurable and allow System Administrator to enable/disable which entities needs to be part of Global Search.

It has 2 parts

1. Configuration using “Global Quick Search Config” entity

2. Actual Search


Once Managed Solution is imported in CRM 2011 environment carry out following steps

1.  Add Left Navigation Link to “Global Quick Search Config” entity to appropriate Area/Sub-Area

2. Grant Organization wide Read permissions on “Global Quick Search Config” entity; to All the Users

3. Grant Create and Write permissions on “Global Quick Search Config” entity; only to Admin Users.

4. Edit Site Map and and Link to WebResource : gqs_/GlobalAdvanceFind_SL.html. This will render Silverlight Web Resource

5. Go to “Global Quick Search Config” entity and record new record with Entity Logical Name for which Global Quick Search needs to be enabled.


That’s all and Users can start using Global Quick Search. Hope you find it useful. In either case please leave your feedback to improve it further.

Plans for Next Versions

1. Ability to open CRM Entity Form from Silverlight Grid Views. [This has been completed in Release 2 !!, See the Screenshot below]

2. Highlight search keywords in records.



1. Landing Page



2. Result Page


3. Result Page with Hyperlinks to Open Entity Main Form


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filfr464 Oct 10, 2012 at 9:45 AM 
I get the following errormessage when i try to add the webresoruce to a dashboard.

Exception HttpWebrequest_webexception_remoteserver Arguments:notFound

filfr464 Oct 9, 2012 at 9:58 AM 
I get a errormessage on the Plugin component "CRMutil.ISV.GlobalQuickSearch" when I try to import the solution.